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Positron Past Consultation (Gold Package)

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Product Description

The Positron Past is Minister Ju’s signature technique. It is designed to help the individual reclassify and revise painful memories that have lead to traumatic mental replays. This ranges from parental neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial misfortunes, and health conditions that may plague the individual.

Neuroscience tells us that traumas can have an adverse effect on the human hippocampus, which is one of the brains primary structures for memory and inner imagery. Strangely enough this same structure is deeply connected to our subconscious minds and our dream state. Many holy text have mentioned the connection of God/Quantum Field to our dreams and how the process of inner imagery,imagination, and visions are a doorway for a higher consciousness to assist us in getting closer to our dreams and goals. When memory of trauma is front and center of ones consciousness it becomes difficult to tap into this creative energy to be inspired and ultimately manifest your goals. The Positron Past technique is the answer to this problem.

In a science news letter from March 28, 1931 titled: “Einstein Finds Past Events Not Knowable With Certainty” Einstein along with one of his colleagues Prof Richard C. Tolman go on to say that “past events of any sort cannot be described with precise certainty.”

This very understanding also suggest that just because something happened in the past and has been recorded as “history” doesn’t mean that it “certainly” must remain in that same state. This type of consciousness has limited humanity and allowed for previous decisions to ultimately remain realities for many people in which has not benefited them in the least. By a simple change of quantum observation into the past using controlled imagery and elevated emotion the individual can set off a string of events on a quantum level to completely change a fixed idea or circumstance that has caused them trauma. This will release an entirely different outcome in the individuals present moment that will forever change the trajectory of consciousness from that past trauma into a positive outlook and outcome on life.

Here’s a video testimonial from one of the Quantum Imaging members where she used the Positron Past technique to heal the relationship between her and her mother.

  • 1 hour session along with recording (sent out immediately following consultation)
  • personalized technique to fit your unique situation (sent in PDF)
  • No refunds after 1 hour consultation has started


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