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Just wanted to share that I receive $2000″ free and clear with only joy attache” today. I listened to your Quantum Reality videos/interviews  with Blackmagik on Youtube in the last 2 weeks. I happened to talk to my auto insurance agent who happens to be my bff. She referenced a car accident I had in 9/2013 and that I didn’t claim the diminished value. Some how the folks in the claims dept contacted me and said they were sending out a $2000 check. I didn’t have to submit any paperwork or get an estimates, etc.
Thank you!
Kimberly Jenkins-Washington

PEACE Noble Anpu & Minister Ju,

Writing to share my testimonial.  I’ve been a part of the Imagination Guru group for about 5 months now.  My goal was $10,000.  Not only did I get my 10k, but the epiphanies and level of understanding I’ve reached as a result of the various excercises is invaluable and have definitaley set me up for success in other areas and for other goals.  My 10k came in the form of cash as an early birthday gift from a loved one.  I promise I don’t normally get gifts like this. My deepest gratitude for the light ya’ll sharing.