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In this one of a kind webinar Minister Ju will be peeling back the layers of consciousness in the rawest sense of the word. For many, when you hear the word consciousness its associated with how aware one may be in terms of knowing and understanding information, but in reality consciousness is an operation.

Its an operation of both the conscious and subconscious mind coming together to either produce external manifestations or inner revelations about ones true identity which is what many call “God”.

In this webinar Minister Ju will reveal the neuroscience on how to activate this power of consciousness within your own being, and how to take closer steps to Self Realization.

He also will be decoding the wisdom hidden in plain sight  in many of the worlds most coveted holy text such as the Holy Bible.

What is the true meaning of “Holy Matrimony” is it only talking about the sanctioned act of God in regards to marriage between man and woman or is it something deeper?

How does Quantum Physics allow you to demonstrate power and influence in this world of matter?

All these questions and many more will be completely answered in this special webinar along with a new technique  (that will not be made available to the public) to help you penetrate the surface level of your being to access this infinite power to either have more influence over your external environment or go deeper within your own being to have a finer understanding of who you truly are as an eternal being.


***Please note that links and conference call information will be emailed to you at 11:45 am right before show time.  Please check the email address that you put on your purchase order. 

***Please note that there will be no refunds as you will receive a recording of the webinar if you are unable to make the live viewing. 


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