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Pocono Retreat



Product Description

Check in Friday 9/22

Check out Monday 9/25

Members Only

This 3 day 3 night exclusive retreat is  for To’El Love Fund Members, Quantum Imagining Members, Star Network Members, and our Real Estate Fund Members.

Friday:  If you need transportation you must be in Philadelphia no later than 6 pm. We will have 2 vans leaving Philadelphia, one at 1 pm and the other at 6 pm. We will check in to our private home where we will spend the evening over dinner and private conversation along with personal appointments for private consultations. We will discuss your business plans.

Saturday: Early morning retreat to the Mountains and Waterfall for guided group meditation and activation. Early afternoon & evening, extended private spa & healing services will be available. Cook off – taste test between the genders for fun.  One on One business planning for Success, overview of our real estate projects and a free night of recreation.

Sunday: Early Afternoon All White Day party with Champagne & Brunch  where everyone will receive complimentary facials and foot scrubs. This is a day of regeneration followed by dinner and a night of dialogue with The Priesthood.

Monday: Check out 9 am and everyone back in Philadelphia by Noon. All flights leaving out should be scheduled starting at 2 pm.

***Please note the total price of this trip is only $450. Put one item in shopping cart $225 is your deposit and put two items to pay for your trip in full. 

***Please Note that price covers transportation  from Philadelphia, Housing, Waterfall retreat,  Sunday Services, and back to Philadelphia***

***Please note that Saturday spa services are additional and by appointment only*** 

***Please note that there will be 2 homes. One for the ladies and the other for the gentlemen. There are no refunds and deposit deadline is Friday August 25th***

  • Reiki & Aromatherapy provided by Taneka & Tree of Life Cosmetics
  • Facials provided by Stephanie Amooray
  • Foot Scrubs & Massage provided by Drea Nichole


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