Alternative Facts Experiment

The Alternative Facts Experiment is a project that will utilize the “placebo effect” via the use of images and conditioning. We will utilize positive images and “alternative facts” that push against what the “statistics” say, and attempt to create a new narrative and outcome concerning some of the most daunting stats surrounding people in urban communities. Your donation of $7.00 (monthly) will go towards funding this idea and helping produce content such as flyers, videos, media content, and continued research concerning this matter. Every month we will produce content and circulate the images via social media platforms in hopes that it will spark conversation and create a new reality for the people involved. We also will come together once a month via conference calls to create new concepts on future projects. Thank you for your contribution.

*All that donate will have access to all flyers,videos, and any other form of content created.


$7.00 a month